mooApp 1.3 release

App 1.3 

Fixed bugs
1. Fixed issue: Can't get avatar when sign up as facebook, Google on apps. See
2. Error message appears at home feed on app when the Google api key has not configured yet.
3. Fixed facebook login issue (fb api changed)
4. Go to a paid addon, ex: go to livenew detail, Click comment box
When user click comment box then a comment shows, but if he continue clicking comment box again then he still enter text on chat box but cannot see Post button
5. People Section No Longer Working correctly with 3.1 & Android / iOS Apps:
6. Android app can't build using latest Android Studio
7. Fix compatible issue with Android 9
8. Cannot mention users who have the first letter on name is duplicated with emoji letter
9. Share a link have og image is http into moosocial https, then the share link thumbnail not show on mobile app
Details from client: When user share a link that has og image is http into moosocial site use https activity feed then the share link thumbnail not show on feed at mobile app.
10. After I load more 2 times on group feeds, then the feed at page 3 do not have comment, like share
11. Touch on video uploaded from computer or mobile at home feed-> it open and play video in web issue
12. Pin to top issues on apps
13. Keyboard is not minified after user comment/ replies on item
14. IOS app: when upload photo, on photo library it show 2secs under all photos
15. Close comment issues on app
16 GCM to Firebase cloud messaging update completed
17. Quit app when touching on What's new icon
New Features + Enhancements
1. Allow search by keyword and category for core addons as blogs, Topics, Videos.....
2. Allow member can take photo when changing profile picture
3. Add 'Delete' comment action. Edit comment is not available now.
4. Allow member to edit cover photo on app
5. Android app: Add "Continue" button at upload avatar step on android app if the avatar step is enable in sign up process
6. Add a new setting into global setting called "Summary email will send to members who last logged around – day
System will send "daily summary email" to last log in members based on setting.
7. Change google + login to Google login. Google + is already down
8. Add auto redirect after login ability for both apps: This option only can be changed in source code and need to rebuild apps. You can't change it in mooApp setting.
9. Add photo rotation, delete for photo on app
10. Change app welcome message text
11. Improve Share feature, now you can share to other installed apps.
12. Change text of "Term of service" field on sign up on IOS to "I have read and agr...."
13. Move upload photos to next to text editor: apply for blogs and topics module to make it more easy to understand and user friendly
14. Improve friend request notification:
15. Add "load more" into "pending join request" popup of restrict groups
16. Improve internal message notification
17. Improve loading speed of photo view on app. It's faster to click on a photo to view from home feed.
18. Add option to allow member to delete photo in apps
19. Can reply, pin and close comment on apps
20. GCM to Firebase cloud messaging update completed issue

Details from google:
You are receiving this message because you are an owner of a Firebase project that sent a message via the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) endpoint in the last 28 days.
Last year we announced that the GCM server and client APIs are deprecated. To prevent a disruption in your service, you must redirect your Cloud Messaging server requests to the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) endpoint at before May 29, 2019.
We also recommend that you upgrade your client SDKs from GCM to the latest version of Firebase Cloud Messaging. Although existing app installations that use GCM methods will continue to function, GCM methods will not work when your app targets future Android versions (after Android Q).
21. Improve blocked user feature on apps: Currently, if you blocked someone, if will show “Access denied” message. Now it will show “Account has been blocked” message.
22. Modify the "Follow" feature: if "follow" option is enable -> everyone tab at home feed will not change, it will show updates from all members. The Friends & Me will auto change to Friends, Following & Me
Importance note:
+ Source code is available to download at client area
+ Requires mooSocial 3.1.2. You need to upgrade site to 3.1.2 before publishing new app version.
+ DO NOT upgrade your live app before successfully performed a test upgrade on your development apps first.
+ Compatible with paid plugins listed at
+ We provide republishing service, please purchase at if you're interested.

We hope you will enjoy this new update as much as we’ve enjoyed baking it. Do let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for this version below.

For feedback/suggestion, please post a new feedback under category "App 1.3 bug report" category at

mooSocial Team
Posted in Announcements on 05/12/19 at 06:37

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