mooApp 1.4 and mooSocial core 3.1.4

mooApp 1.4 road map.
Bug fixing
1. [IOS] - When upload multi photos then only a photo is uploaded issue
2. [Android] Fix font app issue
3. [IOS] Fixed issue on iOS 13
4. [Android] Behavior changes: apps targeting API level 28+, see
5. [IOS] Quit app when touching on 'No more result found' message
6. [IOS] Remove Vietnamese language from IOS core app
7. The first comment is not appeared at item detailed page like jobs, contests... issue.
Improvements for both apps
1. Add accept/decline friend directly at notification popup
2. Improve photo view on app, now it's more faster and can zoom the photo.
3. Roles manage: option to disable member to member direct messaging (configure for web and apply for apps)
4. Remove 'Verify email' steps on mobile apps when user signs up using social media buttons (Facebook, Google)
5. [Android] Google Play 64-bit, see
6. [IOS] Implement x button to delete not wanted photos before share new status
7. Auto add subscription menu on apps when enable/disable subscription option in admin panel.
8. Improve push notification speed.
9. Add new emoj system.
10. Added an icon (camera) as edit cover on the profile photo. When click on the camera icon -> Will allow to edit profile photo.
11. Merge patch file for Sticker plugin
12. If admin changed default feed filter option to Everyone or Friend and me in admin panel -> it will auto apply for apps.
13. Added drop photo for profile picture
14. Allow to edit post (text post) on apps
15. Add category selection and search option for core plugins (blogs, topics, events..) into apps
16. Auto rotate sideway photo when upload photo from mobile
17. Apply Search activity feed items by keyword on app.
mooSocial 3.1.4

1. Merged patch file from all plugins into this version. In this version, you don’t need to install patch for plugin that required patch installation step.

2.  Modified Power by info section at footer, change it to “Copyright © currentyear site name. All rights reserved”. Ex: Copyright © 2020 mooTravel. All rights reserved  . All texts can be changed/translated at .po file.

3. Changed email title for email templates: we add “Sitename” into all email template. Ex: You have received an invitation to join site name.

4. Fixed some found bugs when working on app 1.4

5. Added some small changes for make it works well with mobile app 1.4.


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