New default theme progress updates

We're working on the new default theme. More details about it please check here
mooSocial core, some plugins and themes are ready to use but we can't release because all of plugins + themes are not full compatible. If you're using standard license (web) and plugins that are in "done" list below. Please contact us to get latest version to upgrade. We're working very hard now to try to get all of them release soon. Sorry so much because the plan keep changing. 
1. mooSocial core: 100% (new version is 3.1.5)
2. Plugins: Following plugins are done
  • Poke Plugin
  • Stickers plugin: released
  • Meet me (Web + App): released
  • Viewed me/I viewed: released
  • FeedList: released
  • Profile Matchmaking (Web + App)
  • Avatar: released
  • GIF Comment: released
  • Profile completeness: released
  • Reaction: released
  • Feelings: released
  • Check-in (Web + App): released
  • Colored background status
  • User note (Web + App): released
  • User Badges (Web + App): released
  • Credits plugin: released
  • Statistics plugin: released
  • Profile Spotlight
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Social Publisher: released
  • Profile Verify Plugin
  • Activity Logs Plugin (Web + App): released
  • Who near Me: released
  • Friend Inviter: released
  • Poll
  • Video Upload: released
  • Phone Signup: released
  • Social login (Don't support app): released
  • Magic Page
  • FundRaising: released
  • Translation tools (Don't support app)
  • Anti Ad Block (Don't support app): released
  • Ads plugin (Web + App)
  • LiveNews (Web + App)
3. Mobile app: Upgraded, testing stage.
4. Themes
  • DatingIsArt: released
  • mooCooking: Released
  • mooBook: Released
  • mooTimeline: Released
  • mooUniverse: Released
  • mooSpace: Released
  • mooSport: Released
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