Plugins and Current Version compatiblity questions.

Looking to purchase some plugins for the moosocial 3.1.5
I'm upgrading a customers moosocial to current version 3.1.5
They would like to purchase the following plugins and I just want to verify that the information on the page/s are accurate.
Forum Plugin: Says Compatibility: mooSocial 3.1.2+, mobile Apps
SlideShow Plugin: Says Compatibility: mooSocial 2.4.x- 2.5.x- 2.6.x – 3.0
Landing Page Plugin: Says Compatibility: mooSocial 2.6.x, 3.0.x , 3.1.3
Posted in Pre-Sale Q&A on 06/29/21 at 19:58
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the above plugins are not compatible with 3.1.5 yet. If you get them please use 3.1.4.
Ok.. Thank you..
Do you have a list of features and bug fixes that are implemented in 3.1.5?
Also my customer will be upgrading from 3.0.2. Can we upgrade right to 3.1.4/3.1.5 or do we need to upgrade each version or a particular version to step up to the current version?
Also need to know what version document plugin is compatible with. They are already using it.
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