I have a few questions about how the payment processing in the stores works. So a members purchases an item from your store and provides their credit card into etc and submits the payment. The order shows up in your seller dashboard with a drop down beside the payment amount that you select Order Submitted, Payment Received... etc. Now when you go to change the status to payment received you get a message that says to make sure that the payment has been received before setting it to received... how do the members know if the payment has been received since it is all processed using the main company stripe account to process, which they would not have access to check? If the payment doesnt' go through do they get a message stating that the payment failed? And therefore if they don't get this message then it is to be assumed that the payment was processed successfully? I am not 100% clear as to what the process is and how it works. Please clarify with me.
Posted in Plugins on 11/03/22 at 21:32
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It's issue of the stores plugin, the "Pay" action should only appear if payment method is Cash (COD), for online payment thru payment gateway, should not allow seller to mark it as paid. Normally, it will auto mark as paid if buyer buy thru payment gateway.

Will fix at next version.
I see. Yes it doesn't mark it as paid automatically for items purchased through the payment gateway. I assume if a payment fails that there would be some notification sort of notification?
tuan hoang   
If a payment fails, order status will change to "failed"
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