[Resloved] Old special characters broken

I already commented here:
But i think it's still a bug of the new version. Or maybe the upodating TO the new version.
All older posts with special char's arn't shown.
Posted in v2.1.2 Bug Reports on 11/04/14 at 06:57
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Moo Fan  
hi, check if database is set to UTF-8 in your database.php file. Go to app/Config/database.php and find this row:

//'encoding' => 'utf8',

Remove // and save file.
Perfekt! I had this in the config.php but the mapping in the database.php was missing. Added this: $this->default['encoding'] = $CONFIG['encoding'];
Thank you, Metaltreff.net! We will review it and schedule to fix in our next version if necessary.
Thank you Metaltreff.net, i Will chek this when i go home end of the week, very nice find
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