[Duplicate - Resolved] Upload Images for profile pic and Albums

I cannot seems to find a way to upload images from a mobile device into an album or as a profile pic. Am I missing something
Thanks - B
Posted in v2.1.2 Bug Reports on 11/06/14 at 16:26
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This minor improvement has been reported and will be included in the next minor upgrade. Thanks!
- Thanks for your report, we fixed issue "can not upload profile pic via mobile device" on version 2.1.3.
- Are you sure you can not upload images from a mobile device into an album? Because I checked this feature and it is working well, please see my screenshot at http://community.moosocial.com/photos/view/457#content please help me check again.
Has 2.1.3 been released. I am only on 2.1.2 and it says this is the latest
Hi Brandon,

2.1.3 will be released next week.

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