[ Resolved] Problems in the field of admin

The admin page has a problem, I can not change passwords for users, not save changes to put users as featured.
The error page does not come out as it should.
When I added an HTML block with a tracking script shows me the HTML block in white, I think it should not be shown because it is just a tracking code.
Posted in v2.1.2 Bug Reports on 11/08/14 at 10:03
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for tracking code... edit : /app/View/Themed/THEMENAME/Layouts/default.ctp add it in there, if its not there for themename then edit /app/view/layouts/default.ctp
Thanks for you report, We will fix this issue on next version.
Bros C  
can you tell us how to fix it i am using 2.1.2 because as i mentioned the 2.1.3 is buggy and cant run it in my hosting hostmonster
Hi Bros C! please upgrade to v2.1.5 as it also includes fix for this problem. It is recommended that you create a mirror site then do the upgade there first. Once everything is ok, proceed to upgrade the live site. Visit mooWiki at https://www.moosocial.com/wiki for detail on install or upgrade. Thanks!
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