[RESLOVED] - delete Group bug

i tried to delete a group today, and within the group there ware videos, photos and topics.  When i deleted the group, the group was deleted, but also a few videos and topics OUTSIDE the group! And teh videos of the group still existed after removing the group. Thats scary!
Please look in to this
Posted in v2.2.0 Bug Reports on 06/24/15 at 13:54
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We are reviewing this report and will fix if it is confirmed. My team will provide feedback soon. Thanks!
Hi motorminded,
Thanks for your report.
It is a bug, we will fix this bug on version 2.2.1.
mooSocial Support,
Hi all,

This issue fixed on 2.2.1, please help me review it.

Hi mooSupport... this is not fixed in 2.2.1 -- Thankful I saved my database and backed up first before I tried.... I was in the front end of the website logged in as administrator >> then I went to the list of groups, and chose to delete a private group and all videos and topics were deleted again. Site is updated to 2.2.1

Will send a support ticket in too on this...
We found out the code to fix this bug has beed reverted in our code base for some reason. Will release a patch soon. Thanks! --- Ryan
Can confirm that this bug has been squished! Working fine now after patch update ... thank you
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