[RESLOVED] Email Notifications

Hello, plese add a link in the email notifications. For example:

Hello XXX,


YYY wants to be friends with you.



Best Regards,
Social Network Administration


Let's say that "YYY" can be a link and redirects to user profile. Or for example a text link "Click here" to see your friend request.

Please add such kind of link! We have to encourage users to click and return to site!

Posted in v2.2.0 Bug Reports on 07/08/15 at 16:13
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Moo Fan  
There must be a link in all notifications. For example when a user get a new private message, comment, like or something, in the notification email must be a link where user can check the notification.
This is actually a small bug in 2.2.0. It will be fixed in 2.2.1. Thanks! (Moved your topic to v2.2.0 Bug Reports)
Hi MooFan,

After upgraded to 2.2.1 please go to admincp ->mails -> Choose Email -> Friend Request and add [request_link] parameter into your Message body.

Moo Fan  
Great, thank you! Check my custom e-mail

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