[RESLOVED] issue in mooSocial version 2.2.0


Hi , every one i have several issue in mooSocial version 2.2.0

as mention here 
i create new theme  its name is  (network)
then i found that there is two new folder is created 
1) app\View\Themed\network
then i copy the folder in this path  "app\View\Themed\network"  to this => "app\network"
then go to theme manager and open unintall theme !!! 
but there is no theme in  "un-install theme "   to install it
why ?? 
thank you 
Posted in v2.2.0 Bug Reports on 07/26/15 at 02:18
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2) copied the theme folder in this path: "app\View\Themed" to this => "app" => You don't need to do this step .
After creating new "network" theme ,for example, the view file for an edit action of a Posts controller would reside at /app/View/Themed/Network/Posts/edit.ctp. Layout files would reside in /app/View/Themed/Network/Layouts/.
If a view file can’t be found in the "network" theme, CakePHP will try to locate the view file in the /app/View/ folder. This way, you can create master view...  more
ok now when i dont make create new theme and just put you theme in webroot/theme && view/themed its become in un-install page and i install it but even i install it ...  more
After creating new theme , it will be automatically installed . It means that you can find it in "Installed Themes" tab in Home > Site Manager > Themes Manager

but it dont appear in "default theme" select box in system setting page
Hi Eman ,
After checking , we confirm that https://community.moosocial.com/uploads/comments/thumbnail/2773/6b1222b7bf1bfa0c35757dfeda4ead4f.PNG is a bug . It is being implemented in 2.2.1 . We are try to release it next 2-3 days .

Your valued bug report makes our product better.
Thank you!
Hi eman,

Thanks for your support,
mooSocial 2.2.1 released, please upgrade and help me check again.

its give me this error when make upgrade

Error: Table hashtags for model Hashtag was not found in datasource default.
Hi Eman,

Thanks for your report, but we tested on our server but it is working well.
Please submit a support ticket and give me your server info we will help you to review it.

i think we must to upgrade first to 2.2.0

and then to 2.2.1

right ?
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