[RESOLVED] Initial Comment Not Showing When Posting YouTube Link

Not sure if this is a bug or just the design of the platform... but whenever I want to post a Youtube video I insert it into the comment section - and I make an additional comment when I post the link... however when you post it, only the video shows in the news feed and not the comment that the person made when initially posting the link... 
Either way if it's a bug or not, I think posting comments should show when initially sharing the video links... reason, is because I spent a couple minutes typing a comment out about a Youtube video I shared and only to see it was not posted with the video... I know on facebook you can post this way and the comments stay with the initial post...

Posted in v2.2.0 Bug Reports on 08/02/15 at 09:53
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This is a bit confusing to me. Some screenshots with notation would help. Thanks! --- Ryan
Sorry... let me try that again... 1.) Type in your own personal description of the video link from YouTube that you are sharing on the wall...2.) I paste that link after my comment3.) Press the comment button4.) Only the Youtube video shows in newsfeed and not the comment that I initially made with it......  more
... Not really See my video post. Please attach screenshots in that topic so that we could understand better. Thanks! --- Ryan
Notice my comment I made before the Youtube link is not posted with the video... it should post my comment with the video
We can't call this ... a bug. However, we will need to improve our link and video sharing on Newsfeed to make it work smoother. Thanks! --- Ryan
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