[Reslove] Signup Multi list error

When users sign up, there are multi list options for them to select to allow them to choose qualifications. If a user tried to sign up on the landing page, they fill in their username, password etc and click continue. The page then goes to step 2 where there are more details for them to enter. 
However if the user signs up via the landing page, the multilist does not show correctly for users to select an option they can only select one option. If the user clicks the sign up button and goes through that way it is all shown correctly 
Any fixes for this?
Posted in v2.2.0 Bug Reports on 08/03/15 at 04:30
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Hi Dean! Would you be able to attach a screenshot? I would assume you are talking about the Sign up widget on the Landing page? Thanks! --- Ryan
Hi Dean! Any response on this? Thanks! --- Ryan
Dean O  
If users sign up via the Sign Up block on the landing page...
Dean O  
This is what the multi list option looks like when users select continue...
Dean O  
This is what happens if users click sign up in the corner. You can see the multi list values are showing and have the option to be selected.
Hi Dean O,

Thanks for your report.
We tested on our server but We can not see this issue.
Please submit a ticket and give us your site info, we will support via your ticket.

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