[Resolved] Database Erased - Video & Topics Posts have disappeared

This one is a biggy.... just sent in a support ticket... site open for two days... have people signing up... on maintenance mode for now..
Had videos and topics created and all of a sudden they just totally erased from the site...videos and topics just gone... even in the backend admin panel...  went to phpMyAdmin to check it out... and the topics and video posts are not showing in the database at all... and in the front end it is showing the same... zero ---- one interesting thing is the "posts" of a user group was showing as "topic" in the admin panel... verified this as I went to the database and sure enough there it is... the groups posts showing as a topic.... 
Don't know what caused this and I have no clue as to what happened... just disappeared... not happy... but I'm hoping you can fix this right away... cause this is a big bug that must be squished... can't have a site and all of a sudden lose things like that...
Thank you support tech team for answering my ticket right away... 
Posted in v2.2.0 Bug Reports on 08/03/15 at 19:26
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Please see the topic included here. 2.2.1 will include fix for this. Thanks!
Thanks Ryan... I'm glad it's getting fixed... just sent you a reply email... perhaps you should put this as a note so people see it before they download 2.2.0 .... appreciate your fast response... now I only hope that I have enough database backup to go back and capture those things lost...

Keep up the great work and support... Gary
Thanks Gary! We are putting 100% effort in 2.2.1 so that we could release it in a couple of days. This problem will be fixed by then. Thank you for your support! --- Ryan
Come on.... get a Moooooovin .... LOL
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