mooSocial 2.3.1 Maintenance Release

mooSocial 2.3.1 is now available. This is a maintenance release for version 2.3.0 and we encourage you to update your social network sites immediately.
In this release, we’ve also included a new widget called “Closed network signup” to help site owners create a friendlier landing page for their closed/private social networks. We’ve also added a sign-in form onto the site’s header to make sign-in more convenience.


mooSocial 2.3.1 contains fixes bugs from 2.3.0, including:
  • Birthday display incorrectly caused by timezone offset between user’s and server.
  • Invited users cannot see Join Group button.
  • Mention and Tag functions are stopped working when loading Ajax in Profile and Group detail page.
  • Third party plugin upgrade error.
  • JS error when special characters (‘,”) are used in tcp files.
  • Add </form> tag to signup page.
  • Change Get Friend list from 100 to 500 for User Mention Auto Suggest.
  • Mention and emoji stopped working in comment edit in photo theater.
  • mooEmoji error when creating/editing Photo Album.
  • Change title of info popup window of plugin.
  • Change text and link of signup agreement to “terms of service”
  • User posting issue in What’s New when site is still loading on mobile devices.
  • Fix sign-in error after user sign-up with subscription.
Download mooSocial 2.3.1 in our Client Area and follow our upgrade instruction to upgrade your sites.
Upgrade Note:
  • Your site’s version must be at least 2.2.1 before be able to upgrade to 2.3.1. Please upgrade to 2.2.1 first if you are using a version prior to 2.2.1
  • DO NOT upgrade your live site until you have a fully restorable backup of your site’s files, database and have successfully performed a test upgrade on your development (test) site first.
  • “Closed network signup” widget display correctly only on Landing Page with one column layout.
Posted in Announcements on 12/18/15 at 03:51
Comments (26)
ah! Thanks, Eddie! I thought you meant the welcome email when someone purchase a mooSocial license. The tutorial links should be included in the email.
lol.. just the above links
Fixed. Thanks again, Eddie!
hi @Eddie and thanks for your feedback . I used the link you sent and i had follow all of instructions. Website is currently but sometimes i have a blank page during hours .
Hi assek, in that case you may need to raise a support ticket with the mooSocial team here:-

Maybe PM Ryan Nguyen or mooSupport

These guys are great and can help find most of the issues. They will advise you on the next steps to take. In most cases it can be easily fixed.

Sometimes there can be a server issues where they can only point you in the right direction due to your hosting package.

Did you to Clear Global Caches?

Check your plugins wi...  more
thanks Eddie
Your welcome
What can advise as server for supporting the social network in about 500 persons?
assek... sorry what are you saying?If you are asking which server should you use for 500+ members then either talk with Hostiso:- Find a good dedicated server hosting company in your country. Read the reviews first....  more
Hi, how to perform a test upgrade on our development (test) site first, knowing that we have a license for a single domain? Thanks in advance
jordan thank you. I have done this obut it didnt work. I will try again later. Thanks.
So let me take a look for your website for server. Thanks
We are here to help, assek. Send us a PM or create a support request if you are stuck with anything.
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