How to Disable "Joined Member" on the news feed

Disable the "MyName joined the MySite"  on newsfeed :
Go to app/Plugin/SocialIntegration/Controller/AuthsController.php
Find and remove this code
// insert into activity feed
            $this->Activity->save(array('type' => APP_USER,
                'action' => 'user_create',
                'user_id' => $this->User->id
Go to app/Lib/MooListener.php
Find and remove this code
// insert into activity feed
$controller->loadModel( 'Activity' );
$controller->Activity->save( array( 'type' => APP_USER,
 'action'  => 'user_create',
 'user_id' => $controller->User->id
) );
Disabled someone joined a group?
Go to app/Plugin/Group/Controller/GroupsController.php
Find and remove this code
$data = array('type' => 'Group_Group',
                'action' => 'group_join',
                'user_id' => $uid,
                'item_type' => 'Group_Group',
                'items' => $group['id'],
                'target_id' => $group['id'],
                'plugin' => 'Group',
                'privacy' => $group['type']
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Michel, yes I think this would be a good idea to reduce the database size too lol
@KakaLot, in your humble opinion after we archive the database; what would be the best way to purge the database of all obsolete data and freeing up space without causing issues? Could we do this up to a certain date? Basically what would be the best SQL query to use to purge the database by date inference to these activities above?
@Eddie: to delete old feeds, just run this query on your database.

DELETE FROM `{PREFIX}activities` WHERE `action` = 'user_create' OR `action` = 'group_join';

replace {PREFIX} with the prefix when you install your mooSocial site. If you didnt specific any prefix, the query will look like this :
DELETE FROM `activities` WHERE `action` = 'user_create' OR `action` = 'group_join';

** Remember : backup your database before run this query.
** I dont have any responsible if your database is lost...  more
Thanks @KakaLot

Eddie : you're welcome
This is great! Great help he KakaLot! What about it you don't want to show that someone became friends with someone else?
how do we remove the "is now friends with" feed entries?
no worries about this, we will add an option in admincp for you to manage this at next version julz
Mark Is this available in version 2.4.1?
I think this will be available in 2.5.0
Ryan Nguyen I disabled hardcoded in PHP. I comment out all activities "friends with" and "joined". Thanks anyway for fast response
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