How to setup cronjob for Download a copy of data plugin

    To use Download a copy of data plugin please make sure you setup cronjob for your site.

    To setup cronjob:

    Step1: Go to Backend -> System Admin -> Tasks -> Manager Settings your will see a guide:

    Please set one of the the following commands to run in crontab about every 1 minute:

    • Requires wget command line utility: "wget -qO- '' &&> /dev/null"
    • Requires command line utility: "cd /var/www/html/moo-com/app/ & Console/cake cron run 3FSE@"


    Step2: Go to your CPanel to setup cronjob for your site follow that guide.

    Step3: Goback Backend -> System Admin -> Tasks -> Manager Tasks to check "Download Copy Data Cron" status. If you see the status said 

    Succeeded: xxx times, last x minute ago
    Failed: x times, last on mm/dd/yy at hh:mm then your cronjob setup success. But if you status is Succeeded: never or the last display for the long time then please go to step 1 to recheck.




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