How to translate language for plugin

    1. Add Existing Languages
    • Go to
    • Select a Plugins you would like to download language phrare
    • Click Download translations button to download the language you want to use for your site
    • Select language you would like to download from languages filter list, and enter your email and click Export button. After Export button clicked.
    • Check your email to get download plugin language file link and click this link to download a po file.
    • Use FTP or Cpanel to go to app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale and create a your langauge folder (make sure your new langauge folder have the same name with your langauge folder on  app/Locale ).  Ex: you would like add vietnamese langauge for document addon, then you go to app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale to create a  "vni" folder.
    • After your langauge folder created on app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale please go to app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale\yourlanguagefolder\ to create folder "LC_MESSAGES"
    • Copy yourlangauge.po files (downloaded from email) to folder  app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale\yourlanguagefolder\LC_MESSAGES
    • Go to  app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale\yourlanguagefolder\LC_MESSAGES and rename yourlanguage.po file to yourplugin.po file. Ex: you download vietnamese langauge for document plugin, you will get vn.po and rename this file to document.po
    • Clear browser cache and test again.


    1. Add New Language


    1. Translate from english langauge
    • Use FTP or Cpanel to go to app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale
    • Download eng folder into your PC
    • After download eng filder into your PC, change eng folder name to your language folder. Ex: You would like translate langauge to Vietnamese then rename eng folder to vni folder
    • After renamed, go to yourlangaugefolder\LC_MESSAGES you can see yourplugin.po file , Use any editor program (like notepad, notepad++, poedit) to open this po file and translate this file to your langauge.
    • After you translate to your langauge, copied yourlanguage folder into app\Plugin\youraddonname\Locale again.Clear browser cache and test again.
    • Clear browser cache and test again.

    Free free to contact us if you have any questions.


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