Feature Suggestions

Last posted by Edward Stacey on 07/08/24 at 09:19
Hi,   It would be nice to be able to set events that happen say weekly or monthly on a regular basis, recurring.
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 03/05/24 at 03:38
Hi,   After reporting what I thought was a bug which apparently it is not I am requesting this as a Feature Request. Even though I have selected "Enable Group Hashtag" and "Enable Event...
Last posted by Mark on 02/26/24 at 04:07
Can I suggest that Polls be integrated into Groups! Groups are a community within a community and Polls in groups can play an important role in groups e.g.,   Voting on who should be in...
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 01/30/24 at 13:43
Hi,   When we enter tags, you cannot currently have multiple word tags eg:   Onion Soup David Bowie   This is because you include a space along with a comma as separators. It would be nice...
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 10/09/23 at 04:19
I'm surprised there is not an option in admin for "Custom Header Scripts" as most scripts I have used have this function/option!   It would really useful.   Kind regards,   Mark
Last posted by Livingston on 07/07/20 at 06:58
It would be better if you can add option for users to boost there posts. This can also be used as a paid option. Thanks
Last posted by Mike on 05/01/19 at 06:10
I just did upgrade to moo 3.1.1. I had to first switch to php 5.6 and then switch to php 7.1. It would be nice if moo could run on php 7.2 and also not have to switch to 5.6 to do upgrades or...
Last posted by Mark on 04/16/19 at 10:09
Hi, Would love to see integration into the core of Moosocial for Amazon related products, one being Amazon S3 storage. Giving the admin the option to have files directly uploaded to Amazon S3 to...
Last posted by Jerry Thompson on 01/20/19 at 07:02
I have a dating site. I will like to have the option to show the user's age and date of birth. What file and code do I modify for this to happen?
Last posted by Mike on 11/05/18 at 06:04
Let's discuss about the feature of ticket selling system here.
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