v2.1.2 Bug Reports

Last posted by on 01/16/16 at 09:04
Check boxes in User roles not working in IE but work fine in Firefox. For instance I cannot select Admin after making a new User Role.
Last posted by on 04/04/15 at 06:43
Hi all, I just saw that some plugin can no longer adjust the permissions for all member groups. Here are the concerned plugin: conversationgroupseventspages and conversation and pages...
Last posted by Kent Lam (mooSupport) on 12/17/14 at 03:23
Profile Fields Order with Drag and Drop (2.0.1 worked well)
Last posted by Kent Lam (mooSupport) on 12/17/14 at 03:17
Photos issue - horizontal scroler not work ...
Last posted by Kent Lam (mooSupport) on 12/17/14 at 03:16
Hi all :) Ok i try to explain: I made a post in this topic http://community.moosocial.com/topics/view/229/blog-list-not-show-private-blog that I finally deleted because I am wrong in what I...
Last posted by Ryan Nguyen on 12/17/14 at 01:26
The admin page has a problem, I can not change passwords for users, not save changes to put users as featured. The error page does not come out as it should. When I added an HTML block with a...
Last posted by Ryan Wilson on 11/20/14 at 11:56
People are getting sometimes 12 email notifications for thier updates and firend requests. What would be causing this?
Last posted by Mark on 11/08/14 at 23:01
I cannot seems to find a way to upload images from a mobile device into an album or as a profile pic. Am I missing something :) Thanks - B
Last posted by Mike on 11/05/14 at 17:21
I already commented here: http://community.moosocial.com/topics/view/190/resolved-turkish-characters-have-problem-in-blogs But i think it's still a bug of the new version. Or maybe the...
Last posted by Ryan Nguyen on 11/04/14 at 21:16
I found some smaller bugs with old code in the 2.1.2 Version: AppController.php still sets the theme to "mobile" Line 75, but there is no mobile anymore. Elements/right_column.ctp still has a...
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