Customization Requests

Last posted by Mark on 04/30/18 at 23:34
Is it possible to create a plugin or option to feature a post as a sticky to the top of a group, similar to a pinned post with Facebook?
Last posted by GeorgiosT on 02/06/18 at 03:43
I have a serious problem with the posts, the members When we create a new topic, they appear in the article emojis The problem occurs when parentheses are entered Example...
Last posted by Mark on 08/11/17 at 22:42
Hello, I bought this application. I started the website in the main English language. I installed the addons: French and Dutch language. I made catogories and subcategories in the English...
Last posted by on 11/26/16 at 15:08
Hi dev team, will you ever be supporting HTML 5 on mobile device without having to download or buy the social app?
Last posted by ketkew on 06/23/16 at 10:20
Can you guys pls remove this text? Its soirritating and i get so angrywhen I see it there. Pls remove it in next version, i begging you guys!!!
Last posted by Eddie on 06/07/16 at 10:27
Did the new words to translate comes at the bottom so you can easly copy and paste it to the new language file when a update comes out? If it is like that already, its great but if its not, it...
Last posted by on 05/20/16 at 05:44
Hi, It would be nice if we could import public facebook events as well private events if possable. Especially if my users could see popular events nearby their location.
Last posted by Ryan Nguyen on 09/03/15 at 00:12
hi firstly sorry if this is the wrong place right the thing is when in private message with a friend, the scroll function can be a nightmare for example if the are 100+ messages then scrolling...
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