Accepted Feature Suggestions

Last posted by Mark on 03/11/18 at 04:06
are there any plans to implement some type of picture editor into future versions or maybe build a plugin? we are having random issues where some users upload a portrait and when it posts it is...
Last posted by Mark on 03/15/17 at 03:06
I think there needs to be a fourth group type. this group would essentially be the restricted group type already available except no activity would be visible to non members. It would extremely...
Last posted by Mark on 12/28/16 at 04:11
I would like to see a plugin to allow avatar badges according to user role. Also to be able to select background and text color for each different role badge.
Last posted by Kent Lam (mooSupport) on 05/26/16 at 05:52
I propose to change the Button to comment on chatting.Rename to send and make a separate comment on the home page
Last posted by Aister on 05/25/16 at 04:37
If a group has a few admins and theyargue with each other, there isa risk that some of them will delete group in anger. A lot of contents, which have been created by other people, maybe...
Last posted by Mike on 05/23/16 at 13:57
When we ad a new Event should have the wysiwyg editor enabled, same as when you create a Topic. Much more professional looking Events descriptions.
Last posted by Kent Lam (mooSupport) on 05/21/16 at 04:31
I propose to make so that when you insert in the link field, load the page contents.
Last posted by Mike on 05/20/16 at 14:37
I want to make categories for my blogg site
Last posted by on 05/20/16 at 05:42
The title says it. Shift+Enter for new line. Easy to implement
Last posted by Ryan Nguyen on 05/18/16 at 17:41
I propose to change the name in the field (to create a new event), the "To" to the "end date".since the name field goes from one place in the file to create events and send a message.The problem...
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