Language Packs

Last posted by Lifeform on 09/21/23 at 01:14
Atenttion this is not the Brasilian Language! Translated on 12/31/2015 all .po files have been translated to Portuguese pt_PT Maybe there are small changes have to be made to adjust it for...
Last posted by Jay Leles on 10/09/17 at 21:55
Hi there, friends! I need translate my site to Brazilian Portuguese. I see Portuguese of Europe only. To have Brazilian Portuguese in my site is mandatory. What should I do to get it in...
Last posted by ketkew on 12/31/16 at 04:24
The complete Dutch Language pack voor moosocial 2.21 is ready. Whe just transulate the whole files map /nld/ Nederlands in to Dutch. My site is running English and dutch now. Compleet translated....
Last posted by Ryan Nguyen on 12/31/16 at 01:15
Hi all, This is french file for Scroll To Top Plugin 1.1 for mooSocial 2.4.1 If you find errors thank you to report in this topic This translation is...
Last posted by Kent Lam (mooSupport) on 11/10/16 at 04:53
Hello,The word and can not be translated.Have now all the points in locale.
Last posted by Excel Depo on 11/07/16 at 13:49
Language pack for Turkish Language 2.1.2,last updated 29/10/2014 %65 done!
Last posted by Mark on 10/29/16 at 23:06
I've almost translated the 70% of the english pacakage in italian. I've imported the ita folder on the site. I switched the langauge from the english version to the italian version but nothing...
Last posted by Ryan Nguyen on 10/24/16 at 17:58
Hello,I have a problem, I have installed under Local the German languageAlso under Admin Activated.Only now this is not taken on the pageEven if I translate through Translate to EnglishThere is no...
Last posted by Willie Frazier on 10/11/16 at 17:51
He there. I need the Spanish language for 2.2.1 please.. I have the dutch 2.2.1 translation. Please respond?
Last posted by David Seifert on 07/25/16 at 17:52
I did change the original english to a German language pack for moosocial users! Please feel free to use it (slight changes will have to be made in order to individually adjust it to your...
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