mooSocial 2.5.0 Roadmap

*** RELEASED:  Update is available for download in Client Area for all current subscribers. Get a copy now and check out what it has to offer.***
mooSocial 2.5 Roadmap.

A lot of improvements will be implemented and bugs will be fixed in this version 2.5.0

* Improvements

1. User Age Restriction: add “Min age to be able to create an account." into system setting.
2. Add clear all notifications on notification dropdown list.
3. Add a hook into statistic block in admincp dashboard. All plugins can use this hook to show the statistic info there the same as what we see now for core plugins such as: number of users, number of blogs...
4. Add Site map setting into system settings (for SEO purpose).
5. SEO improvements for all plugins (SEO).
6. Add max size upload settings for photos and video into system setting.
7. Add categories for blogs.
8. Should not allow group admin delete group.
9. Blocking (user A blocks user B, and they become invisible to each other).
10. Profile popup: mouse over on user's name or avatar -> show profile popup (same as fb). Add a hook so that 3rd developer can add more badges into the popup.
11. Improve categories menu for all plugins:  add collapse and expand option into parent menu. 
12. Notification settings for members: member can turn on/off some of annoying notifications.
13. Activity feed settings for site admin to configure to show or hide some basic activities such as someone joined, friends activity feed.
14. Events and Groups WYSIWYG editor.
15. Add On/off group notification setting for Groups .
16. Link sharing improvement: Link will be auto parsed for user to preview before sharing.
17. country database: add section in admincp for admin to manage countries and cities/states. Add new custom field type called "location". Can search member by location. 
18.  Remember current URL location after login.
19. Send email when member get a private message on site.
20. Follow feature
21. Rotate photo
22. reCaptcha for Contact Form
23. Theme settings: Site admin can change color of the theme by himself in AdminCP - Theme settings section.

* Bug Fixes

1. I can see another photos posted on status of another events and group when I see detail a photo of event feed
2. Missing language phrase for birthday widget
3. Topic posting formatting bug - ver.2.4.1
4. When typing in Arabic, the text box is enlarging unreasonably, causing the typing process to be extremely slow
5. When admin enable offline mode then on front end, offline notify page is broken
6. "6 on 2016" is drop line (event layout issue)
7. Profile Pictures, Cover Pictures and Newsfeed photos does not multi language on Profile Pictures, Cover Pictures and Newsfeed photos detail page
8. During registration, we ask users to accept or select "I have read and agree to the terms of service." if someone clicks on it....all the data filled in form is should open in new window.. or data should not be lost when clicking back button
Timeline: 2-> 3 months (within September)
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All of plugins are now compatible with 2.5 version. Working on 2.5.1 now. Will announce next road map soon.
Great Social and Great Team!
I can not find it Client Area to download
Send us your account info, GeorgiosT. I will be glad to look into it for you.
How can I send the
By message or Support Request
GeorgiosT, I sent you a message. Let me know if you still have any problems regarding this.
mooSocial 2.5.0 Roadmap I can not see it
GeorgiosT, this topic is the roadmap of version 2.5.0. You can find the installation package in the download section called
mine is now installation package
Radoi, there is no downgrade path available same as most scripts. Even though not recommended and not supported, you can install new if you must use 2.5.0.
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