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Fix GMT Format please  
@Eddie already report this on 03/02/16 unfortunately we were not understood.
GMT - 31/01/16

So we always have 2 date formats on our site, the one we set in the admin and the other that no one knows where / how  to set / changes it :/

Maybe it is not possible to solve this problem quickly but maybe 2 it can also be possible that you have a piece of code to give us to change it ourselves, until you solve this's really disturbing in virtually all plugins date format is wrong :/

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in any case we need a solution in the long run, because it's like that in all plugins, and it does not give a professional image of service proposed.

"The current date-time format setting is for feeds and "posted date" info of items in plugin."
That's the problem, it's the first thing the user sees especially in blocks :/

I will come back a little on this topic, 2 months after what new on this issue?
What solution for us, apart from the release of new plugin which we still can not display the time correctly for the Europeans?
I do not have impression that it challenges Devs who continues to ignore this problem as if nothing was wrong

Mark just about this " It does not make make send if it shows "3 minutes ago" at event start date."
For your information, just know that anyway moosocial and other script do not ...  more
To finish with this subject which begins seriously with this story of gmt.

Some days ago, I fall on site of a compatriot who has no problem to display the dates correctly.

So there are several solutions

1) It's my fault but that I do not believe it because my settings are correct what has been confirmed higher in this subject

2) There is somewhere a mistake in the translation of the language file that I use what I will check tomorrow by reading all the file

3) It is the admin of the site t...  more
There have been two years here and the issue of translations with the months on my website has not yet been solved
GeorgiosT just ask hosting install your language into your hosting server. Problem will auto fix
Michel will find out the solution to improve.
GeorgiosT are you talking about date in plugin or moosocial date itself ?
Michel My problem is the months are not translated
GeorgiosT post screen please
what I can tell you is that months and days of week translate well into language file, this is sure, if you have translate it correctly and it's not working then it's a core issue, do you use moo online translation tool to do your translation ?
So so 3 years after we can say that this problem is fixed and that moosocial finally displays the dates correctly on all the site with latest version 3.1.0
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