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Hi all
As this community is grooving it's perhaps time to add year in date of toîc and post etc ...
Posted in Feature Suggestions on September 25 at 10:29 AM
Posted in Feature Suggestions on 25 September 2015  at 10:29 AM
because it gets complicated, we read subjects thinking they are recent and finally they have more than a year :/
Posted in General Discussion on 01/31/16 at 02:59
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How can I change "1 hour, 4 minutes ago" on "Today at 15:23"
thank you.
Ryan Nguyen thank you it's ok now, i have a old bug in date solved at my site now, many thanks for the link, but hey, i was asking for year in date here at community site aniway i sugest a tip: in -> moosocial admin -> system settings -> Date Format (?) <- clik of this link go to page : you should perhaps replace this with the link you give now
Thanks, Michel! mooSupport please check Michel comment.
Thanks you
Hi Ryan Nguyen, can you add this "%d %b %y at %H:%M" to this site so we can see which of the topics are related to which version of mooSocial?

This will help us all find topics that are new.
I use this now : %x à %R
Shorter and work fine
Done on mooCommunity with %x at %R.
Great ! thank you Ryan Nguyen
Thanks Ryan Nguyen this will save so much time. Shame the date is not in the right format like:- 31/01/16
Are you sure, Eddie? The format looks correct to me and your suggestions looks off
GMT - 31/01/16
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