Chat system for mooSocial

Hi guys, tell us what you think about a chat system for mooSocial?
 These are just some of the features I think it should have.
  • Lightweight script.
  • Fast.
  • Clean design.
    Easy to customize with CSS3.
  • Fully responsive template(s).
  • Cross platform for desktop and mobile app's.
  • One click or right click avatar start chat.
    This would be an option to right click - view profile or start chat.
  • Chat rooms + Private chat.
    Chat rooms add by admin in admin CP.
  • Change chat widget location with drag option.
    Maybe always on top option with chat focus. This can easy be done with javascript window focus.
  • Future addon's.
  • ETC.
Let us know what you think, comments please?
Posted in Feature Suggestions on 02/07/16 at 16:58

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