Chat system for mooSocial

Hi guys, tell us what you think about a chat system for mooSocial?
 These are just some of the features I think it should have.
  • Lightweight script.
  • Fast.
  • Clean design.
    Easy to customize with CSS3.
  • Fully responsive template(s).
  • Cross platform for desktop and mobile app's.
  • One click or right click avatar start chat.
    This would be an option to right click - view profile or start chat.
  • Chat rooms + Private chat.
    Chat rooms add by admin in admin CP.
  • Change chat widget location with drag option.
    Maybe always on top option with chat focus. This can easy be done with javascript window focus.
  • Future addon's.
  • ETC.
Let us know what you think, comments please?
Posted in Feature Suggestions on 02/07/16 at 16:58
Comments (41)
Nice , is this a romm for all members or just private caht ?
Both you can use the shout box or the lobby or what ever you want to call it and other chat rooms. You can also go private. This chat room type is fun
How do you like this design CHAT?
not my cup of tea!
Why bumping an old topic?
CometChat : Instead of coming to see what it happens elsewhere you should take care of the support on your site already that you do not repond it correctly
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