Newsletter plugin

We are curious if MooSocial team has any plan to develop a Newsletter plugin?


We are now using Mailchimp.


However, a newsletter plugin will be far more flexible in many ways:


  • Auto-login, this is possible but would require additional customization with Mailchimp. With a newsletter plugin, this will become a lot easier. The use case: A user, on receiving an email newsletter, can click on the link and participate in discussion without logging in. A much better user experience.
  • Integrated sign up process. Today, when we build up an email list in Mailchimp, it does not add to our user list. We can go ahead and ask if people want to register with our site again. But that is not ideal by any means.
  • User newsletter sign up. Imagine one day, we can invite various providers to give us their RSS feed. We can list them on a page on the site. Our users can browse this page, and sign up RSS feed, or newsletter by themselves. Such a feature could create additional revenue opportunities: we can open up spaces to local businesses. In fact, we have been ask by local businesses if they could pay to list their newsletters on our site. This requires a newsletter plugin installed with the site.
  • With a newsletter plugin, we will be able to use Amazon SES or Sendinblue etc as the mail carrier. The cost is significantly lower than Mailchimp or other mail services.

What does the rest of the community think?



Posted in Feature Suggestions on 12/03/17 at 18:57
Comments (4)
Nice suggestion Jing Gu will consider and add this plugin.
Newsletter is a good idea
waiting for this one
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