[Resolved] Turkish characters have problem in blogs

I have a problem please look to the picture and I could not find the cause of this problem. I really appreciate your feedback
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Posted in Pre 2.2.x Bug Reports on 09/28/14 at 19:05
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This was already reported and will be fixed in version 2.1.1. Thank!
Please check v2.1.1 at http://beta.moosocial.com Thanks!
I still had Problems after 2.1.2 with my OLD texts/comments/mails/usernames. everything.
I added to the end of the cake h() funtion:

if(mb_detect_encoding($text, "auto"!='UTF-8&#039 {
$text = utf8_encode($text);
The new System saves the "äöü" caracters in the database as "äöü". The old had it "correct" when viewd in the myadmin.
missed the $this->default['encoding'] = $CONFIG['encoding']; in the database.php config file!
Thanks I'll try it
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