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I am looking for a option members can enter travel plan to his profile. Data including date of travelling and visiting countries. Also members can make his travel plan public or private. Members can search who is visiting which countries and on which dates.
Travel Plan plugin homepage : this page example if  i have saved my country as Vietnam in my profile, when i open travel plan plugin it will show  members visiting Vietnam 
If there is no plan for a development of a plugin like this, you could also provide cost of development, so someone who is interested might sponsor the development cost 
Posted in Feature Suggestions on 09/27/18 at 04:32
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is hourly rate a confidentiel or sensible information or wat ?
Since time I'm here I know that, I just never understand why it's like that.
It's a bad sales technique, it was still valid 10 years ago but it's over, we are in 2018, any serious admin knows that on freelancer site or code canyon, we can hire a dev from all over the world, so I do not see why the lack of transparency.
Especially it is possible that the hourly rate is lower than all people imagine, and therefore you lose sales.
Have to ask by mail ? lol it will be necessary to revise bases of...  more
Michel $25 per 3600 seconds
if that's right they should start communicating, because it's a good price for this coding level, they should put it somewhere on homepage in description of moosocial.
A decision-maker so whoever pays is never going to send you an email to ask you how much you cost, he wants a basic price to make an estimate before contacting you.
After you can always negotiate on the rise if he has too far-fetched demands, but in a commercial relationship you need a basic price to start
i recommend to hire your own developer for your company
I am not a company and if I was one I do not need my own developer.
The best are here already

In France, because of cost of social charges, a dev starts at 35-40 euros of the hour minimum and still at this price you often have a clown who says he is developer because he masters a little php , photoshop etc.

A serious with experience, a real company with quote and invoice must even count from 45-50 euros per hour
It's a bit cheaper if you take a full day, so if the price you advertise is cor...  more
For custom development service, you can read here
oh great I did not know this page, there is all informations needed and very well explained how you work, perfect thank you
Kraken you should re-read the page, especially that :DELIVERABLETechnical specification of the items to be customized.Source files created to meet customer’s request.Documentation to explain the customization performed. Customizations installed in the customer’s environment.It does not fit at all with what you said yesterday lol ...  more
i only told you the price, what else i said?
I usually dont like reading, only chat with Kent and do what i need
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