Road map for next version

mooSocial Road map
1. Default theme improvements, see more details at
2. Profile field privacy settings: For each field in profile, member can configure to show with friends, everyone or only him/her
3. Add recapchat to forget password page to avoid spam
4. Better password policies for password field: Password need to be at least 6 characters in length and should include at least one upper case letter, one number, and one special character. Admin can enable or disable this
5. Apps: Add back button into forget password confirm page
6. Add more Privacy settings for profile: who can see my friends, who can tag me, you can post on my wall….
7. Apps: Can expand/collapse menu on mobile apps
8. Country manager module: Add new level : country - state - city. Add option to disable all countries then you can enable your country only? If there is only ONE country active, system will not show country combo box for selection, It will show state only.
9. Allow to attach files into "bulk email"
10. Allow to share video from fb to moo social site
11. Allow to search member in admin panel using IP address
12. Improve auto load more at home feed
13. Remove password info from welcome email, site owner can add back by himself if needed
14. Events notification: If A joined eventA, if someone posted something inside EventA -> A will get notification
15. Allow to attach files into "bulk email"
16. Fix major found bugs
Plan: Will release 2 times:
New default theme: Already ready to use if you only use standard license, contact us to download if you're interested. We're upgrading plugins and theme, plan to release all at once around March-2021
New features + bugs: Apr-2021
Suggestions are welcome!
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