mooSocial 2.4.0 Roadmap

A couple of major improvements will be done in this version of our Social Network Software. JavaScript layer refactor will be the point of focus. JavaScript layer will be modularized to make it easier to manage, and to boost performance. CSS minification is also another performance improvement to be implemented in this version. 
Major Improvement:
  • JavaScript layer refactor 
Other Improvements:
  • Hide/Show blocks based on User Roles
  • Amazon CloudFront CDN support
  • (Re)Add Chronological sort style for comments and messages - as an admin option.
  • Move Share button to Like/Dislike section in item detail
  • Add maximum upload file size option
  • Add "Unspecfied" gender (their) to current gender list. - Requested by Jordan
  • Confirmation email notification and Resend Email button - Requested by Moo Fan
  • Adding language packs for tinymce editor.
  • Improve User Mention
  • Improve install process - MOOSOCIAL-2931
  • Notification pop-up and listing improvement: "Mark as Read" and "Mark all as Read"
  • Message listing improvement: "Mark as Read" and "Mark all as Read" (Meassage dropdown box will be improved later)
  • Display improvement for Feed Items posted in Groups and Events
  • Multilingual support for Page Title and Description
  • Spell check enabled for html editor
Bug Fixes:
Posted in Announcements on 02/17/16 at 01:42
Comments (124)
Ryan Nguyen I updated the picture but please try to release it within April it will be appriciated a lot!
I give up... see you all in a few months.
I don't get it, is version 2.4.0 based on another core? Everytime Ryan Nguyen and @mooSupport talks about the update it sounds like it is already finished. I think they write some new addons, but it will be nice if you release the base. The update took longer then 72 days. Please let us know a deadline next time because it is frustrating to be depend on something that is unknown.
Next time it will be great if Ryan Nguyen specify the finished components with a green check, so we can see the progress. Right now it looks like it will take centuries
As we can see below, Ryan Nguyen promised in April.
Today is the last day of April, look forward to !!!
Not that I'm a cynic but "Ryan Nguyen - The release is estimated in 2-3 weeks from now. on 03/01/16 at 02:44"
Maybe it is April in Lunar calendar
Hey, I get it: Javascript is a bitch in a way that PHP isn't! I have spent four full days or more trying to figure out one little thing with javascript that turned out to be such a simple solution that it made me scream! (And I just have to say: thank you stackoverflow for saving my ass a million times). AND because they are overhauling the javascript in the source code I get that they completely screwed themselves! they cannot release a stable build with no plugins that will work with it.

But ...  more
@Andrew, did you modified core javascript for a customizing or to fix a bug?
@Layla I wrote a few custom plugins that used some of the core javascript. I also modified some of the core javascript to fit my needs.
mooSocial 2.4.0 is now available! You can download the installation package in the Client Area. There will be a discussion topic announcing its availability soon.
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